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  1. Mark shalom, Remember me from the Carnival Legend (Dec 3). I”m one of the 4 fathers on stage with you who couldn’t remember where he worked and wanted to speak about his grandchildren. I even made you laugh. I felt we enjoyed each other . Keeping laughing, that’s my motto. David (Rishon LeZion, Israel)

    P.S. Maybe I couldn’t remember where I worked, but I do remember you and the great time we had.

  2. sorry it took me forever to make a comment…it seems the comments were disabled for a while and then – well, and then “covid.” i absolutely remember you! that was a really fun night…and, to be honest, i don’t get all that many people from israel (or any places overseas) – so it’s pretty easy to remember! i am so glad you came to the show and so very glad you had fun…

    don’t worry about no remembering silly things – the whole idea of that piece is that people get nervous in front of the lights and forget very simple things…it’s hard to be that guy standing there but it’s very funny to the audience…it’s nothing to feel silly about…

    thank you so much for contacting me – if i can do anything for you please do not hesitate: markhawkins@baldhawk.com

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